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             The traditional state-owned import and export enterprises are often set up a special department, with dedicated staff to handle all aspects of commodities in the international circulation. As the development of SMEs, to do so will undoubtedly increase the operating costs, but also because of the lack of expertise and experience of human errors, resulting in unnecessary losses to the enterprise. Highly specialized in commercial service today, insight, Guangdong G-TOP Import and Export Company Limited is willing to fight side by side with you, the introduction of import and export services of associates as well as to provide enterprises with a professional import and export consulting services, we will take advantage of customers worldwide resources, rapid flexible response mechanisms, relying on the locational advantages of supply channels, a good business reputation and brand, tailor-made for a perfect cargo import and export trade programs, all professional and cumbersome problem will be solved. Company has been regarded as difficult for the opportunity to proceed from reality, the use of modern innovative ideas, explore new ideas, full use of their advantage in all aspects of the operating mechanisms, human resources, expertise, markets and capital optimization mechanism, people do their best; grasp opportunities, a bold stand-off. In recent years, the company establish a sound logistics and information systems to keep up with international trends in the development of import and export business of associates at the same time, science, and efficient our comparative advantages and effective demand in the international market combined; the development of foreign trade and exports simultaneously; foreign economic and technological and labor cooperation with the long-term foreign trade relations of cooperation, expand trade scale, driven by the growth of trade; increase the breadth and depth of the Industrial and R and D investment, diversifying the business strategy really casting strength, trade and engineering one international trading company.

             Company operating a wide range of products related to the chemical industry, sporting goods, hardware, electrical appliances, light industry, textiles, clothing, handicrafts, machinery, sanitary WeiChu and other industries.

     Service Scope:
    1、Commodity import agent.
    Including: apply for import licenses, arrange goods inspection and import customs declaration.
    2、Commodity associate export.
    Including: arrange export declaration, apply for export licenses, prepare transportation documents,certificate of origin and other documents for customs clearance.

    Tel:0757-26381999     Fax:0757-26382000  
    Address:No.26, Fengning Road, Ronggui,Shunde,Foshan, Guangdong